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New Natural Summer, Spring and Fall all seasons Lipstick Beauty Shades mix skin care and new lipstick tones.

Soft, Nourished Lips.  Instant hydrating action for your lips, thanks to Grape Seed extract your lips are smooth, supple and soft plum with moisture and protected from external elements. Moisturizing lip balm Silky, Nourished lips  Rich in Sweet Almond oil, this balm immediately nourished and restores comfort, leaving a silky, protective film on lips Healthy, Pearly soft lips to Kiss: Protects your lips with Apricot Oil and as it naturally enhances them with a subtle, pearly sheen that you will love. Wear as an alternative to lipstick for healthy attractive lips.  Radiant Lip Balm. and naturally frutilicious. Discover what is the best solution for your body needs with simple steps and products used.