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Face Serum Capsules Skin Hydrating Firming Serum Capsules

  Face Serum Capsules Skin Hydrating Firming Serum Capsules Specifications: Name: Face Serum Capsule Efficacy: Deeply replenish the moisture and nutrients needed by the skin, improve the rough and dry state of the skin, intensively nourish, make the skin delicate, moisturized and bright at all times! Standard: a box of 30 capsules Net content: about 0.34*30 (g/ml)Applicable skin: suitable for all skins Main ingredients: Hydrolyzed placenta extract (sheep), fullerene, squat lane Features: Rich in fullerene and placental extract, it can reduce fine lines and make skin firm. Moisturizing, hydrating and hydrating make the skin hydrated and transparent. How to use: After cleansing, take an appropriate amount of this product and apply it evenly on the face, and gently massage the skin. Fully absorbed. Expiration date: 3 years Packing List: Face Serum Capsule*1 (Box)

Masks of Beauty Tones

This Remarkable new formula with Botanical Cellulose will hydrate your skin and revitalize it to its natural tone bringing back to life. It is all about your beautiful and natural products for your skin.